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TWT Progress Reporting

We liaise with the student's mainstream school throughout the placement, to provide them with a fully comprehensive picture of the student at TWT. This is mainly through the production of weekly pupil progress reports which contains both academic and non-academic information, including any other issues that need to be resolved.

The academic information consists of the student’s targets in Maths, English, and other subjects (including vocational courses) that the student is taking.  There is also a summary of the student’s attainment, effort, and general behaviour in each subject, explaining why they did or did not hit their target. The academic information will always contain information on any relevant grades/marks/tests that the student has taken within that past week.

The non-academic information covers more personal and social development areas relating to the student. It covers contributions to/at TWT and the wider society, healthy eating, their economic wellbeing regarding studies/college applications/jobs etc., their safety at and away from TWT, as well as any contact with parents/carers.