"It's not until they know you care that they care what you know."

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Alternative Education Provision

The Write Time (TWT) opened its doors at Cornerstone House in January 2015 to young people excluded from school for its Alternative Education Provision.  These young people are excluded from school either on a permanent or temporary basis from schools across South London.

TWT’s goal is to become England’s first Quality school and create a learning environment using William’s Glasser’s educational philosophy and practice based on Choice Theory. Choice Theory operates under the belief that methods based on coercion (or "external control") do not work and are in fact incompatible with procedures that do lead to real educational change and personal growth. TWT applies the educational philosophy that it is impossible to control another human being and in order to influence people, a satisfying relationship with them needs to be created. In a ‘Quality’ school people grow best in a needs-satisfying environment and this has major implications both for the relationships in the centre and for the quality of the work that students engage in and produce. Click here for more information on what a Quality school looks like.

TWT believes the needs of the students are paramount to anything else. All issues are dealt with through a process of self-reflection and self-evaluation, negotiation and mediation. Parental involvement is high and communication between parents, tutors and mentors is frequent.

The tutors at TWT are encouraged to take the approach, “When my students aren’t learning the way I teach, I need to teach the way my students learn.” (See Dr. Glasser’s book “Every Student Can Succeed.”). The TWT alternative provision aims to be a joyful school where students want to come and learn with the belief that the most amount of learning occurs if learning is fun and engaging. Academic learning is balanced with a wrap around programme of personal and social development and healthy living skills.