TWT Curriculum

The Write Time curriculum uses Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory approach to education, applying this conceptual framework to all teaching and learning. Our carefully selected subjects, qualifications and skills development programmes are tailored to meet student needs, as well as being designed to support, develop, and intrigue. We work cohesively with partner schools to ensure that both academic progression and pastoral care are strengthened and students are holistically supported throughout their learning journey.

The Write Time embeds ICT, History, Religious Education and PSHE, within our examined and externally moderated subjects and qualifications, so that a broad range of technological, ethical, and sociological issues can be addressed in an academic environment.

From September 2016 we are committed to offering 8 GCSEs (Progress 8).

Progress 8 is a new performance and accountability measure aimed at measuring the progress of pupils across a select group of 8 subjects (that satisfy certain criteria including being part of the reformed group of qualifications) from KS2 to KS4.

Progress 8 encourages students to take 8 qualifications, but it’s not compulsory to take 8. The greater the progress 8 score, the greater the progress made by the pupil compared to the average of pupils with similar prior attainment. We will make appropriate recommendations as necessary when students are referred to us, and this will be continuously monitored throughout their time with us.

TWT will use the following subjects to fulfil a maximum progress 8 offering, as well as PSHRE for personal and social development of our young people: 

Bucket 1: Edexcel Maths, Edexcel English Language
Bucket 2: Edexcel History, AQA Core Science A, AQA English Literature

Bucket 3: Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Hospitality,

IFS Level 2 Certificate in Financial Education (QCF), BCS Level 2 ECDL Certificate in IT Application Skills (QCF)

iPads @ TWT

As part of TWTs drive to be at the forefront of pedagogical innovation, and make our technology provision relevant to the young people of today, we will be introducing the ‘iPad Mini 4’ to all young people from the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year. It is well suited to provide an extensive range of tools and opportunities to support our educational aim. These include collaboration, independent learning and research, creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.

Functional Skills

Entry Level, Level 1, and level 2 Functional Skills qualifications offer a functional approach to English and Maths, enabling students to identify how these subjects are an important aspect of their academic, working and personal lives, so that they are motivated to develop these skills confidently and effectively throughout each course.

Sample Timetable

Students participating in a Food Technology session, developing their soft skills by using good communication skills, being supportive and working as a team.

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Students participating in a practical science session, investigating acid base reactions, leading to the production of a balloon inflator. This activity encouraged students to make decisions, problem solve and work well under pressure.

"It's not until they know you care that they care what you know."