TWT Additional Needs

In addition to small teaching groups, we provide one-to-one structured support from a personal development worker. We aim to ensure that all learners work to the best of their ability at all times and have access to the whole curriculum in an inclusive environment.

Everything that we do at The Write Time is aimed at meeting the individual development needs and aspirations of each learner. We are acutely aware that young people come to us because they need a different curriculum, personal approach, and environment. This means a fully bespoke scheme of work per student for English, Maths and Science, and highly-differentiated curricula for other programmes.

Our staff have current and previous experience of students with a wide variety of additional needs (including support for dyslexia, autism, ADHD, asthma, epilepsy). Where required, additional specific training is put in place. 


As part of our ethos to have an all-inclusive environment, we now offer an ESOL service (English for speakers of other languages). All students with ESOL are identified through the school’s entrance procedures and their proficiency in English is assessed at this point also.

We have a specialist ESOL teacher and bespoke resources including iPads, a dedicated separate timetable, and the students the will work towards internationally-recognised English proficiency exams, functional skills, and then GCSE-level qualifications if various criteria are met. Our alternative provision team also act as a learning support team for the ESOL learners through personal, academic and social development. Students are also encouraged to value their home language and to continue its study. 

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