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Supporting the fight against Racism

The Write Time stands for equality and justice. The core of our organisation is to do good in the world by building and bringing communities together through education and personal development. We are an organisation where inclusion is universal, and diversity is celebrated. The Write Time is a place where everyone (staff and young people alike) can feel comfortable in their own skin and is confident in the fair and equal opportunities open to them regardless of the colour of their skin, ethnicity, disability, gender, age, and sexual orientation. 

As an independent school we have embedded topics such as Black History, Windrush, Stephen Lawrence, Prejudice & Equality, Discrimination, Identity, Migration, and community cohesion into our curriculum to give young people the opportunity to explore these topics in a safe environment and encourage healthy debate. 

We are coming to terms with the outrage and protest across the US, UK and globally from the brutal murder of George Floyd, and of Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, and Breonna Taylor, and too many others before them. The Write Time is working hard support all our learners through this difficult time and the fact that these events came amid a global pandemic only adds to the pain and suffering in many communities. 

Through our mentoring programme we are listening to the views of our learners and supporting them in managing their strong emotions of anger, hurt, violation, threat and rage towards the systemic racism in systems that are designed to protect everyone. One of our Learning Mentors designed the poster (above) to capture our learners’ views.

At the beginning of 2019 the Write Time started engaging with Croydon Council and the Metropolitan Police to work on the COP (Croydon One Postcode) project. This has involved our young people making short films and having discussions with influential visitors about the relationship between the police and young people. The Metropolitan Police have run workshops about “Stop and Search” and “Knowing Your Rights”. Racism in the police force is a topic that is regularly raised by young people however through this programme some students have since expressed an ambition to join the police force. The police have also met with young people individually that have shown an interest in joining the force to give careers advice. One young person said she wanted to join the police to make a difference and educate others within the force. 

Over the coming months one of the goals of The Write Time will be to work with our learners to think about positive solutions to bring about change individually and collectively to make a difference in some way to systemic racism. We do this with a goal of winning young people’s hearts and minds to stand for equality everywhere. We believe that young people will change the world for the better.