In Student G’s own words:

I think that since I started at The Write Time, my learning has improved, and I have built a good relationship with my peers and teachers.

I believe that they will guide me in the right path and prepare me for college.


In the views of Student G’s Grandmother:

My grandson has achieved a lot since he started attending The Write Time. He has been there since September 2019 and he has matured a lot. He is more confident and knows what he wants for his life.

I feel the school has helped him build his confidence and believe in himself.
In a short time, the school has helped my grandson to show his true potential academically and in his behaviour. Something that we, his family, knew he was capable of if he had the right support.

I truly believe that if my grandson were in a mainstream school, he would not have achieved so much in such a short period of time.

I would like to thank everyone at The Write Time for the help and support you have given my grandson.

In the views of TWT:

Student G is a Year 11 student who started at TWT in September 2019. He had a history of disruptive behaviour and not engaging in learning. He did not enjoy going to school and was a hard to reach learner.

Student G was quiet and reserved during the first few weeks of the academic year, but he settled in well and built a good relationship with his peers and staff. He is extremely respectful towards staff and his peers and is considered a true gentleman by staff.

Student G slowly came out of his shell and his participation and contribution in lessons increased and he became a valuable role model to his peers. He is always on time and willing to learn. He is the voice of reason when his peers go off track and demonstrates strong leadership skills.

Student G has made progress academically and is working towards achieving good results on his GCSE exams. His attendance and punctuality are excellent, and this has had a positive impact on his attainment and progress.
He works well in lessons and supports his peers and shows a general positive attitude. He has successfully applied to three different colleges and is waiting for the outcomes.

In Addition to his academic progress, Student G has improved his self-confidence, his attitude towards learning and his general outlook on life. He has been chosen ‘Student of the Week’ several times for his progress and conduct within the school. As a school we have celebrated all of his achievements and recognised his efforts. More recently, Student G was elected ‘Student Representative’ by staff and students.

The student we see today is far from the one described on his referral documents. It is safe to say that he has not only matured but also changed his behaviour and mindset for the better. He has taken the chance for a fresh start and with the support he has been receiving at TWT, he regained his self- confidence, his focus and has put himself on a very promising path for his future.

We strongly believe that Student G will accomplish great things in life, and we have confidence that he is on the right path to planning his future and taking the necessary steps to working to his full potential.