In Chastity’s own words:

I’m happy. I have changed and become more focused than ever. I know gaining my Maths and English qualification is something I need to achieve, and I am finally on my journey to making this happen.

In the views of TWT:

Chastity started at TWT in September 2019. When she first started, she had a lot of barriers which she needed to overcome to achieve her full potential.

She struggled with keeping her focus in lessons and peaking up when she needed help. She also found Maths to be a difficult subject.

Chastity’s main goals when starting the programme at TWT were to achieve a level 2 in Maths and English; to obtain an award in NCFE Employability and to build her confidence.

She completed NCFE Employability which focused on her gaining a wider understanding of mindset and the qualities attractive to employers. She had the opportunity to work on her current CV, applying changes to increase her chances of employment.

She has undertaken regular interviewing technique support which has improved her confidence and ability to research and attain vital information, which may be asked during interviews. Chastity has also engaged in regular one to one mentoring sessions where self-esteem, self-love and self- excellence have been our focused topics. She has felt able to open up and express issues she faces and why she has felt certain emotions in particular. Chastity has used writing as a method to release and explore her thoughts and emotions. There has been a complete change in her attitude towards learning,

Chastity attends every lesson and completes all assigned home learning tasks to the best of her ability. She has found the confidence and will to speak up when she is finding work difficult.