Headteacher's Welcome

At TWT Independent school we create a supportive family style environment in which students can enjoy learning and be present in school every day.  Students are treated as individuals and their educational programme is designed to guide them towards their very personal goals, aspirations and dreams.  If students are not sure about what they want to do when they leave school, they are encouraged to develop their own special talents and abilities to the full, which in turn will open a variety of opportunities for them in the future. 


As we aim to make our students feel good about themselves, as learners, as people and as a community, we follow principles that are easily understood and which can be followed by everyone in the school community.  Principals centred around respect; having respect for your peers, respect for your teachers and respect for yourself.  With the help of a committed and caring team of teachers, a personal mentor, and  skilled SEN  practitioners, The Write Time is a place where many students, who have only experienced failure, can finally experience success. 


“Everyone Achieves, Everyone Succeeds”


Students  at TWT achieve GCSEs and Functional Skills/Entry-Level Based Qualifications in English, Maths and Science and have the opportunity to gain the Arts Award at varying levels. They additionally study Humanities, PSD, PSHE, Employability Skills, PE, and also follow a personal development programme with a mentor to prepare them for adulthood and build their overall character.  It’s our goal and priority as a school for every student to leave with qualifications that match their potential by improving their mindset, discipline and motivation. 


Choice Theory and Reality Therapy 


The ethos and culture of our  school is based on William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.  As students learn about Choice theory they begin to think more deeply about why they do what they do and begin to adjust their behaviour to get what they really want.  This is usually a better and more fulfilled life. 

Excluded Students & Students with Special Educational Needs 

Students at TWT have been excluded for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever the reasons, at TWT they have a chance to get an education and experience success. Students with SEN who are referred to us are supported by a trained team of educators who are determined and passionate about helping them achieve their full potential.


If you are a student who is willing to make a fresh start and ready to move on from mistakes made in the past you will have a very healthy chance of doing this at TWT.


If you are a parent, school leader or LA worker who thinks this might be the right environment for your young person, we warmly invite you to visit us for a tour or to complete the referral form on the website.  To avoid young people missing out on their education we will quickly be in touch with you to arrange an interview/induction.  Alternatively, you can contact the school office to book an appointment to visit us. 

I look forward to welcoming you to The Write Time Independent School for a positive change and a genuine opportunity for a new start. 


Alton McDonald. BA (Hons), GTP, MA.


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