Claire is a mother of 3 who joined the project in October 2018. 


  Claire is ready for work and she has been actively searching for the right opportunity. 

  In addition, she is learning how to use several different applications, software, and programmes on animation and graphic design.


  Since joining the programme, Claire has improved her self-confidence as well as her interview techniques and she is ready for a new career change.


  Claire has a bubbly personality and is always ready for a challenge and has worked from home making cupcakes using her creativity and determination.


  Claire’s passion for animation and graphic design has led her to pursue a career in that field and she is determined to get the right job.


  During our workshops, Claire actively participates and also supports her colleagues during role plays as well as practising interview questions. She has also taken part in mock interviews and has shown that she is ready for a job.


  Claire says: "I feel comfortable at The Write Time and I get a lot of support to improve my self-confidence. This is the first organisation that has given me the right level of support which I need to be prepared for interviews and to achieve my objectives. I enjoy the workshops and feel that they are really helpful to improve and expand my employability skills."  


  We are confident that she will succeed and find the right job as well as further develop her skills to become a wonderful and talented motion graphics illustrator.