Young people who attend The Write Time are referred from a wide range of schools and settings. Some learners are referred to us from schools or PRUs (pupil referral units), either full-time, or on a part-time programme. In this case, the learners remain ‘on roll’ with the school or PRU that they initially attended, to allow both organisations to share responsibility for ensuring that a student makes progress.

Some learners who come directly from the Croydon Council Secondary KS4 Fair Access Panel (FAP) and will be on roll with us full-time, in this scenario we will then be the primary educational establishment for that student. 

Admission is a rolling process throughout the year and is open to all KS4 young people, either from a mainstream school, pupil referral unit (PRU), or directly from the Croydon Fair Access Panel. The Write Time will endeavour to accommodate the student’s educational and personal needs, their aspirations, and their talents.

As part of the initial induction with the student and their family we will cover:

• Our ethos
• The conditions of attendance
• Any medical issues
• The reasons for the referral to us
• Any additional needs
• A tour of the school
• Meet the staff
• A group agreement designed by students and staff collaboratively
• A one-to-one meeting between the personal development worker and the student

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