In Amina’s own words:

Without The Write Time I would not have been able to become a Teaching Assistant. The ongoing support has helped me to change my life.

In the views of TWT:

Prior to coming to The Write Time Amina felt trapped in an unhappy relationship suffering from mental abuse. Without family in the UK, Amina has struggled to take control of her life. She tried to get support from local services but was turned down. She had given up and did not know where to turn to.

Receiving support from the Grant has had a huge impact on Amina. It has given her the ability to find a new career and the support has enabled her to plan ahead and set life changing goals. She has stopped taking medication for depression and feels she has a purpose and self-worth.

Amina is now a qualified Teaching Assistant. She is actively looking for work and applied for jobs starting in the new year. She has managed to maintain a positive mindset to move forward and not let her current situation of separating from her husband and having to look for housing set her back.

Amina is considering starting Functional Skills English and Maths once she has started work as well. Amina feels on track and has improved her confidence since attending The Write Time. Amina would also like to volunteer and support others to achieve and has registered with Croydon Voluntary Action.