In Aaron’s own words:

I like coming to school. I feel that this is a good school because the staff and students are friendly, and I feel welcome. I enjoy my lessons and I like getting good grades.

In the views of Aaron’s Grandmother:

We are very pleased with Aaron’s first weeks at The Write Time. Aaron seems to have settled in well.

Aaron struggles with Maths and English and this was picked up by staff when he started at TWT. He is now getting the support that he needs. Aaron gets on with all staff, in particular his T.A. We have noticed an improvement in his handwriting at home.

We feel that his needs are being met at TWT and we cannot think of anything negative to report.

In the views of TWT:

Aaron is a bubbly Year 9 SEN student who started attending TWT in January 2020. Anyone who knows Aaron will state that he brightens up the school with his smile and bubbly personality. He had a history of not coping and engaging in lessons in bigger school setting as well as displaying disruptive behaviour.

Aaron has complex learning needs and needs a very differentiated and balanced curriculum in order to make progress and to feel part of the school.

Since starting at TWT, we have identified that his Literacy and Numeracy skills needed a lot of support and this is being provided through a tailored curriculum where he is in class with his peers but has the support of a T.A. to complete work according to his current working levels and abilities. Aaron has targets set on his ILP (Individual Learning Plan) and these are set by the class teachers and his T.A., following the outcomes from baseline assessments carried out when he first started as well as recommendations from his EHCP. These targets are reviewed every six weeks and adjusted accordingly.

In addition to support him with his academic needs, we have also put in place activities where he is working on his personal independence skills, such as going to the shop to buy ingredients to make his lunch at school, rather than eat fast food. Aaron enjoys doing this and is keen to go out with his T.A. every Monday to do his weekly shopping. This also helps develop his road safety awareness, his money management skills, his communication skills and teaches him how to have a healthy diet.

Aaron likes to be a part of the school and being in lessons with his peers meets his Love and Belonging needs which is part of our Choice Theory approach. Aaron feels he belongs at TWT and he has built good relationships with his peers and staff.

The support of his T.A., enables him to fully access the curriculum and to be in lessons as well as working in another room on a 1:2:1 basis to complete more targeted work. Aaron thrives on praise and responds well when his efforts are recognised. He has recently been chosen ‘Student of the Week’ by staff for his good behaviour and hard work. He was very pleased and as a school, we celebrated this in assembly.

Aaron is a joy to have in school and we believe that with the ongoing support that is in place for him, he can work towards improving his Literacy and Numeracy skills as well as his independence skills. Aaron’s behaviour has improved, and he is more aware of what he should or should not say or do, but when he does slip and needs reminders, he responds well and quickly corrects his behaviour.